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Choose the licence type and plan that best meets your needs and enjoy worry-free, generous legal protection.

All image packs and subscriptions come with a standard licence and are available online. For extended licences please contact us.

This table is not a substitute for the Thinkstock licence agreements

In this table

Permitted uses

Applies to both image packs and subscription plans
Standard licence Extended licence
Creative images
Use image in print media or promotional projects including:
  • Newspapers, magazines, books
  • Newsletters, brochures, catalogues
  • Ads, marketing materials
  • Product packaging
  • Posters, postcards, greeting cards, wall décor (but not for resale or licence)
Use image in digital media or promotional projects including:
  • Corporate presentations, videos
  • Commercial film, motion pictures, films or theatrical presentations
  • Websites
  • Social media sites including video platforms
  • Mobile apps
  • Email
  • E-books
  • Software applications
Use image in items for resale such as:
  • Prints, Posters
  • Calendars
  • Mugs, T-shirts
  • Games
  • Postcards, Greeting cards
  • Screensavers
*iStock collections are not available for extended licence subscriptions, but are available for extended licence image packs.
Use image in electronic templates including:
  • Website templates
  • Design templates
  • Brochures
  • E-greeting cards
  • Business cards
Contact us for customised template solutions
Contact us for customised template solutions
Reproduction limit (hard copy)
*Excluding iStock collections for Extended licence subscriptions, which have a 500,000 limit
Legal protection
$10,000 per image
$250,000 per image
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Users and duration

Applies to standard and extended licences except where indicated
Image packs Subscriptions
Number of users
Standard licence: 10 users
Extended licence: Unlimited number of users within the same organisation.
1 user
To buy more seat licences, contact us.
Downloads during subscription term Images must be downloaded within 1 year from start of subscription Images may be downloaded and used during the subscription term
Downloads after subscription term Downloaded images may be used at any time
  • Images incorporated into projects during the subscription term can be used indefinitely in the same project and in other projects
  • Images downloaded but not used during the subscription term must be deleted when the subscription expires
A subscription set to auto-renew will:
  • Continue with uninterrupted service using the credit card on file and lock-in the rate for the next 15 months at today’s list price.
  • Continue until the user manually turns off auto-renewal or cancels subscription within seven days of the invoice date.
*Available for 1 month subscription plans only.
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Not allowed with any licence type or plan

Using an image in connection with on-demand products, including products where a third party selects an image to be printed or displayed on a product, such as T-shirts that can be customised with an image or make-your-own calendars
Using an image in connection with an unflattering or controversial subject
(Requires a disclaimer statement that: (1) licensed material is being used for illustrative purposes only, and (2) any person depicted in the licensed material is a model)
Using an image in pornographic, defamatory or otherwise unlawful use
Enabling third parties to download, extract or access images as a separate file
Using an image in a logo, corporate ID, trademark or service mark
Sharing a username or password
Designating another individual user to download images on behalf of multiple users (Seat licences must be purchased for each individual user)
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